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Rewards for Schools / Organizations

Real-life Rewards

Everybody loves games, right? But we bet you love games even better when you can win rewards!

Everybody wins when your class or group completes MoneyIsland. Literally. Southern Bank will reward your progress with a group ice cream party. And everybody loves ice cream! Plus, each child will also get their own $10 Walmart® gift card a cool MoneyIsland t-shirt!

The party and prizes are set in motion once the group completes the quest. An electronic certificate will be generated for the teacher or group leader to present at any Southern Bank branch.


Best of all, everyone can keep playing MoneyIsland as new games, videos, and contests will be made available on this website. Teachers can utilize new lesson plans and activities updated in the Parents & Teachers section for ongoing education opportunities.

NOTE: An individual child may only redeem one MoneyIsland certificate one time per year. Must be between 8 and 14 years old.